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Career Investigations

Having a career pathway makes you journey through high school a little more direction based. Many students enter and leave high school still undecided about what kind of a career they wish to pursue, and often find themselves back in a high school setting, taking courses that they discovered they needed once a direction is decided upon.

At BSO, we encourage our students to explore potential directions through the use of a Strong Interest Inventory. The Strong Interest Inventory is designed to help you decide what you want to do next. You will learn about where you prefer to work, how you prefer to learn, and how your interests compare to 2500 other people currently working in over 122 occupations. This will give you a starting point for your career/post-secondary investigations.

You will be asked to indicate whether you like, dislike, strongly like, strongly dislike or are indifferent to the item indicated. This is a "gut reaction" indicator so do not take any more than 5 seconds per item. If you miss an item, the missed item will be indicated to you at the end of the inventory. You need to go back and complete any items you have missed. Submit your results.

The inventory is divided into several sections.  Each section begins with a set of directions you need to read.  Some items in each section will seem similar and you are asked to view the items in each section using that section’s set of instructions.  Please read the instructions carefully.

Once you complete the inventory, we will meet to go over the results.

 While this inventory is not a "crystal ball", it will probably do one of three things for you: it may give you direction, provide affirmation or, at the very least, start you thinking about what your next step is once you finish high school.

Your mood and comfort level has a great deal of influence on the outcome of this inventory. Be relaxed and in a positive frame of mind before you begin, otherwise your results may not truly reflect your preferences. Also it is important that you complete the inventory on your own if you want accurate results.

There is a course credit for assignments completed connected to the Strong Interest Inventory.  Ask me for the booklet.

You can complete this inventory at school or at home, whichever you prefer.

If you would like to take a Strong Interest Inventory, please let Mrs.Pochylko know and she will get you a user name and password.  


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