About Us

Blessed Sacrament Outreach School (BSO) is a small, alternative high school that has been assisting students with their educational needs for over 20 years.   

BSO provides a warm, caring learning environment serving the needs of students who:

  • were not successful in a traditional school setting.
  • need one or two courses to get their diploma.
  • may not meet post-secondary entrance requirements.
  • wish to improve their classroom mark on a diploma course.
  • are facing timetable conflicts at their high school.
  • are young parents requiring an flexible school schedule and setting.
  • are facing outside challenges that make attending a regular high school difficult.

We Offer:

We We:

  • Alberta Education approved curriculum
  • A broad range of courses to help complete your Grade 12 Alberta High School Diploma
  • Certified teacher support 
  • Continuous registration
  • Flexible hours
  • Relaxed, friendly atmosphere
  • Counselling services for personal, academic and vocational needs
  • A Breakfast for Learning Program
  • Dual Credit programs
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