Student Registration


Please use our online registration.

All new students must complete a registration package online and intake interview prior to acceptance into the program. Once the registration package is completed, the student will meet with the Principal or a teacher to discuss specific needs and goals. During this meeting, a personalized education plan will be developed. The personalized education plan will outline the course(s) needed and a timeline for completion.

During the meeting you will:

Establish your goals
Clarify the expectations and commitment required in the program
Select the courses you need
Develop an attendance schedule

When registering you must provide the following:

Birth Certificate
Legal First and Last Name
Name of the last school attended and contact person (phone number if possible)

Any student between the ages of 15-19 years is eligible for registration at Blessed Sacrament Outreach. Eligibility does not guarantee acceptance. Students must have a personal interview with Blessed Sacrament Outreach staff to determine the suitability of programming for the student's educational needs. Staff may also require time to gather additional information before granting acceptance.

Students who are currently enrolled in another high school and would like to take one or two courses at the Outreach must receive permission from their current principal to enroll in our school.

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